As an occupational therapist working with children with Autism and children with sensory processing needs, I am a huge fan of Julie’s products. They do what they say on the tin! They are sensory bean bags! Everything about Julies’ beanbags are perfect for the children whom I work with: their texture, colour, malleability, long life span and easy to wash.

When recommending a bean bag for sensory purposes I always direct families to the best bean bag available and that’s Julie’s sensory beanbags. The parents whom I work with often say they can’t imagine life without Julies products.  They come with high standards and an in-depth understanding of how to meet sensory needs.  Thank you Julie!               Sinead Moynihan, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Cork www.sineadmoynihan.ie

Lycra Sensory Cooling beanbag
I meant to email you  so many times, your all lycra beanbag.  It is the most amazing and appropriate gift for a sensory seeking child. My daughter spends so much time regulating on it and my younger daughter absolutely loves it too…a win win for my family,  I find it hard to believe I never heard of your product before but I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know. Thank you for all the time and effort you spend helping me. You went above and beyond.                                                                                                                           Stephanie Reilly, Mayo.
Hi Julie, regarding the three variations of  beanbags that we got from you a year ago,… If we talk about Mark,  he still likes the blue stretch lycra cover more than the fleece.  He likes the tactile sensations and also that the fabric gives off a cool feeling.  He loves to sit on the large lycra beanbag and if he jumps or rolls around, he prefers the X-Large lycra beanbag.  Although preferences may be individual for each child, I hope this helps at least a little.
Tania, Listowel, Co. Kerry
It is without hesitation that I would recommend Sensory Beanbags to the families that I meet through my work – the quality of the beanbags is excellent, and the beanbags are extremely durable and robust.  Also, Julie is knowledgeable and passionate about the service she provides, and a pleasure to talk to.   Thanks again Julie.
Dr Olive White, Consultant Clinical Psychologist,Glow Psychology, Lisnagry, Co. Limerick

This beanbag feels so relaxing.  My body feels comfortable because it occupies all the negative space, (the empty space) around my body and allows me to sit in the most comfortable position at the same time leaving freedom for my body to move any way it wants.  The beanbag  creates a form for my body rather than my body trying to find a form.  I think it has something to do with the  lining inside…  It feels like touching  human skin.                                                                                                                                                          Karina Abdulbaneeva, Bishopstown, Cork.  Sculptor Artist teacher and mother of autistic teanage

Beanbags arrived this morning.  They are lovely.  Scoil Lorcain, Dublin

Endorsing Julie’s sensory products, I’d like to say  its great Ireland has you and best products for autistic persons of all ages.   Linda Baker, Occupational Therapist, specialising in sensory integration,  Seattle, USA 

We have used Sensory Beanbags for twelve years with the children who attend our service. We have always found them very useful for comfort and therapy.  Deirdre Hegarty, Snr. Occupational Therapist, Early Intervention Service, Erinville Hospital Cork.

We use the large and extra large bean bags in our sensory room. The colours are great, easy to wash and they are safe and comfortable. The children love to get deep pressure using the extra large beanbags.
Grace O’Callaghan, Shine Ireland, Carrigaline, Co. Cork

We purchased 2 xlarge beanbags from you 5 years ago and as they are such a massive hit  we are constantly recommending them to parents.     Clodagh Corduff, Occupational Therapist, West Limerick Childrens Services.

The Occupational therapist at the Sunflower clinic recommended your brown weighted snake for my son.  He loves it…. Its draped over his shoulders as I speak.  He slept with it the other night during the storm and found it very comforting.  He  has called it ‘Simon’!….?.  Russell Black, Kilworth, Cork

Sensory beanbags allows my son to facilitate his sensory needs for position changes within our home, just like he can at the occupational therapy sessions.  The tactile input of the material and the comfort of the beanbag allows for safe play in our home which previously we could not allow.  Falling on the beanbag is all part of the fun!
Paediatric Nurse and mother of child with sensory difficulties, Cork

Luckily for my son, Santa has an excellent relationship with Julie Hannon.  Our blanket was delivered yeaterday (Nov 2018).  Our beanbag arrived Christmas 2014.  Santa only deals with the best suppliers, these beanbags and blankets are not ordinary, they give the gift of calm.  Thank you Julie, when you create a beanbag or blanket, it is my belief that you fill them with “magic beans”!                                                                                                         Thank you for the gift of peace and calm, it is priceless.  My boy is still asleep – thanks to your blanket!!!  Sheila, parent, Cork

Just wanted to let you know that we received our order yesterday and Ella told me this morning that her blanket was “heaven – it was like a tight squeezy hug all night long” which is the highest praise ever!  The beanbag is a huge hit with everybody too.  Thank you so much, Karen,  Galway

Sensory beanbags….so happy I came across your website and delighted I was able to purchase a beautiful beanbag  despite living in Australia. Australian parent

My son attends Ross House for therapy and I asked the therapist  where I could get the sensory beanbag ( x-large) as he was completely obsessed with it during all his sessions.  It was a real comfort for him, filling all his sensory needs…he loved being in it and it been cocooned around his body….there was that compression feeling that was deeply satisfying.  He is not into toys, so I thought I  just had to get it for xmas’.  Pamela Reidy, Fermoy

I have purchased 3 products from Julie over the last 18 months a large sensory beanbag, a large weighted blanket 6lb  and most recently x-large weighted blanket  8lb (10% plus 2 lbs of my son’s weight).  All  are used for his sensory processing disorder and he particularly has a problem with his proprioception so he needs to have deep pressure and touch in order to be relaxed and calm so the beanbag comes in for morning time before school he jumps 12 to 15 times from the trampoline to the beanbag and he is able to concentrate much better at school and for night time use he does crash and banging and jumping on it or just sitting on it  in the feel of a ‘hug’… gives him relief.

At night time when he  wasn’t sleeping through the night,  found it very difficult to switch off, the mind was racing, through the introduction of the weighted blanket it has helped his mind get quieter, his body relaxed and he goes into a deeper sleep, as long as he keeps the blanket on all night he will sleep the 12 hours now.  So it has been a complete long term effect on the proprioception and sleep for us.

As part of the sensory processing he has problems with texture and textiles and he wants a certain color so we actually use the blanket by itself  and with the fleece and the weight its warm enough for him really with the room temperature being ok.   Because of the fleece material he is not sweating in it,  we have used it all summer he is very comfortable with it.  He is not a child who gets too hot or too cold so it has suited him very well.  Susan Cahill,  Middleton, Co Cork

Thanks for beanbag, blanket and snake – they are great!!  The blanket is much softer and much higher standard than the one I had bought from a competitor which I had loved up until I saw yours.

Francis first word on touch was “wow” –  he walked around cuddling himself in it and used it on his swing.  He then lay it flat on the floor and lay in it rubbing material against his face and hands saying “very good”.

This is a little boy who is essentially non verbal.  He got equally excited seeing the bean bag and snuggled right in the middle of it.  Here is a quick photo – I just brought him in from the car where he had fallen asleep normally he gets very upset when woken but with the beanbag and blanket he just chilled out.

The blanket is amazing and its not just about the weight its the sensory touch that goes along with it.   Kate McCabe,  Clontabret, Co Monaghan

Delighted to be able to order these beanbags made in Ireland.  I can see that the materials used in these beanbags are high quality…  my grandson is enjoying  jumping into them off the trampoleen which he needs to do several times a day as part of his therapeutic routine Parent Washington USA

I have a little boy with a diagnosis of Autism. He has a significant number of sensory processing issues. The most challenging being his ability to regulate himself or in simple terms relax!

From the moment his wonderful soft fleece beanbag arrived it was an immediate hit.  Form a comfort level everyone in the family loved it but for Rusiri it provides him with support , even pressure , safe and secure personal space.

It’s soft fleece fabric is comfortable to snuggle into. It’s purple  appealed to me personally as I found it calming to look at. But the most redeeming feature is the total body support and evenly distributed pressure to the child. Without a doubt a cocoon effect.  Such a wonderful product. Our three year old loves it too and as I reply to you my husband  is relaxing in it with his feet up on the sofa!!!

We use it throughout the day and can even use it for play times too.  One of the best investments we have made for our little man. The picture I include say it all.. The ultimate experience!  Caitriona Connor, Clontarf, Dublin

Thanks for delivering the beanbag julie,  its fab….I found your website online and I like to support local.  Annette Stack, Grange, Douglas

I just wanted to say that the X Large  beanbag is beautiful.  It is exactly what we were looking for and we are thrilled with it. Thank you!.  My son Charlie is 17 months old and he has no special needs but he loves to dive into things and snuggle into them and we are having difficulty sourcing a really nice beanbag for him and my sister said that the one she got from you for her son Josh last year was lovely.   It is so difficult to find good quality traditional beanbags these days as it is all the ‘fat boy’ type ones on the market and they just weren’t what we were looking for given Charlies age and I was so thrilled to hear that you did them for leisure use as well.  Margaret O’Connell, Herrons Wood, Carrigaline, Cork

We purchased Julia’s sensory XL bean bag , after our daughter’s OT provided us with the use of one of Julia’s bean bags from our daughter’s pre-school’s for a demo at home.  Our 3 year old daughter has severe global development delay and a lot of sensory seeking habits and this bean bag has been, without doubt, the best purchase to date. The bean bag is in the centre of our kitchen/living room and our daughter uses it all throughout the day. Although our daughter cannot walk independently yet, she will seek out the bean bag to dive into it and bounce against it and then chill out in it…and even nap in it! Our daughter loves the texture of it and it provides her with great sensory input. Our son, aged 6, who has no additional needs, also loved his sister’s bean bag and asked for one for his 6th birthday present. We duly obliged without hesitation. For both our children, their visiting cousins, friends (and adult family members), these 2 bean bags are just a fantastic well made enjoyable product. Thank you Julia! Ann-Marie Barry, Herbertstown, Co. Limerick

  “Our son has sensory Processing Disorder and we got a sensory beanbag from Julia on the advice of his Occupational Therapist.  It has proven to be one of the best purchases we have made for him.  He is able to get his” jumping and crashing” input as and when he needs throughout the day, as well as relaxation and deep pressure.  He has been so much calmer and happier from the day we got it.  I also find it lovely to relax in once the children are in bed, it is filled just the right amount so you can really relax into it.  I’m trilled with how easy it is to care for and keep clean.  An excellently designed product.  Ruth, Bandon, Co. Cork
‘Just a thank you for the large beanbag that we received yesterday.  We purchased the beanbag for our 7 year old son who loved it immediately, on seeing it.  I knew we would have trouble ahead with our two other children.  When our 9 year old daughter saw it she cried her eyes out saying that it wasn’t fair that she didn’t get one, she said she absolutely loved it and that it was the most comfortable snugly thing ever, her other younger brother also chimed in and got on the case.  In order to keep the peace we have no option than to get two more beanbags but I think it will be a well spent investment as the three children will get so many happy years out of them and it can only be another way of bringing them all together.  A beautiful product which far exceeded our expectations’  Dublin parent
 Thank you so much for such beautiful work.  Both Katie and Kenneth are sleeping with their 6lb and 10lb  weighted blankets and love them.  They will be treasured! Roz March Carrigaline, Co cork

‘We purchased x-large sensory beanbag for my daughter in January, 2015 and very happy with it.  Tara has down syndrome and developed epilepsy when she was 8 months old.  She sensory seeks and loves the texture of this bag.  she likes flopping and diving into it.  She brings her toys there to play with and uses it for her ‘listening programme’.  all the family use it for relaxation and sensory input’.  Etna Hayes, Mount Oval, Cork 

This sensory large bag is very good purchase. Its always in the middle of the living room. It gives security relaxation and fun for everybody and specially for my child with sensory issues.  Galway parent

The person who referred me to you, she was referred by somebody else and that person said she had tried many sensory tools for her son and they were all ignored and left.  She said the sensory beanbag was the best thing she had  ever bought, that her son was constantly using it and it was the one tool that was most relaxing for him.  Eleinor Breen, Bishopstown, Cork

I recently bought the XXX Large  bean bag for my two special needs kids ( 5yrs and 3 yrs).  I decided to go with the XXXL as I felt I would be able to do more with it compared to the XL or XXL, mainly deep pressure work (putting the kid in the middle like a hot dog) and for jumping into.

It has been a huge hit, since getting it, my youngest is doing a lot less running around as he is getting the regulation he needs just by lying in it and getting that deep pressure and sensory feedback.  My eldest does not use it much but that is only because his brother has already claimed it, so I will probably get another. The two kids will fit in it, as will one kid and an adult.  It is also possible to fit two kids and an adult ( just about), ideal for storytime or just cuddles. If used by an adult, it is so comfortable as it supports every part of your body but be warned it is hard to leave it. I would definitely recommend this size if you have the space for it.  I think it is worth the money as it is a great investment.  As soon as I can, I will get another. Mother of two special needs kids (West Cork)

I’m so delighted with my purchases especially the xlarge sensory beanbag. My daughter uses it everyday. The xlarge size is brilliant as she has lots of sensory needs. My two younger kids love it too, I really could do with a second….. The 7lb weighted blanket is a good size weight and Katie pulls this over herself to self regulate. I have the 7lb lap pad in the car and is great when Katie needs that weighted deep pressure. I was delighted to have heard about your website through the OT and would highly recommend to everyone.

I would like to add that your personal service of delivery was an added bonus. You made sure it was right for my daughter Katie and took out the necessary beans to make it more comfortable for her. You took the time to spend with Katie as she wanted to play with you. A real personal touch to a fantastic service. Thank you so much.  Annmarie Irwin, Ladysbridge, Cork

Thanks again for a fantastic job– both the snake and blanket are in  full use already – my son loves them.  Kathryn Crowley, Blarney Cork

The three beanbags, 1 large and 2 x-large we purchased  from you ten years ago are  being used as much as ever and get so much hacking without any bursting whatsoever….amazing durability!!! All of my children’s friends visiting will automatically  gravitate towards the beanbags area.  A brillant purchase!!!Parent Crosshaven

I have sung your praises on a Forum I am on so hopefully you will get some enqueries.  Your special sensory beanbag has dramatically changed our sons meltdown and agressive outbursts and his hyperactivity so for that we are eternally grateful.  Isaac is so much more relaxed.  He has had the best three weeks back at school, so chuffed! so keep on doing what you are doing!                                             Rachel Nolan, Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow

‘My son comes home from school exhausted!…..  The first thing he does is  take off his socks and shoes and  throws himself into the beanbag.  He stays there for at least fifteen minutes.  After that he is much more refreshed!’.  The beanbag is fantastic!  We purchased a largge 3 years ago and it has held its shape very well. Mary Quinlan, Clonakilty

Have been searching for really nice beanbags and came across your website and I love the look if your beanbags and think they would be perfect for my 2 children . My daughter of 5 years of age and my son of 15 months . Your beanbags are what beanbags should be not the other types that are on the market .  Leyla Simeck, Adamstown Dublin

The beanbags are a great help. Therapist said he needs something to thrash about in.  Liam loves it. Gave the second beanbag to the school.  He was amazed to see it there, dived straight into it and said “Liambag!”.  Julie McCormack, Glanmire, Cork

Just wanted to let you know we are delighted with the beanbags. I love the baby sensory textured ones too.  It was nice to meet you and see that they are really made with love! Thank you.”   Emily Walsh, Cork

Thank you so much. Alex loves the large sensory bag
Kate from Sonas School, Carrigaline, Cork.

‘Very happy with the beanbag, way beyond my expectations. So luxurious, inviting and cosy!’.
Gillian Bradley, Carrigaline

hese beanbags are going down a treat here at our centre. We find they have a calming effect on the child.”
Occupational Therapists, West Limerick Children Services

“Had been looking at bean bags and wasn’t finding anything suitable but when an occupational therapist showed me sensory beanbags I knew that was the kind of cosy luxurious beanbag I wanted”.
Parent, Tralee

“Bought an extra large purple for my special needs child and he loves it so much had to buy another extra large for my daughter. I really would not be without them. They get so much use.”Parent, Cork

We got our first beanbag six years ago when my first child was born. 3 years later we got one each for my second and third child. The first one still looks great. We topped it up once with beans. I’m not sure what I would do without them. They are a real life saver. They are being used constantly. The couches are only used as a jumping off point, onto the beanbag. Really glad I have them.”Parent Cork

Michael here that bought two beanbags from you last month. Just to say thanks, the boys love them. They are well made and very strong and the fleece very cosy and easy to dry after washing. Thanks again.
Michael Walsh, Fermoy, Co Cork

‘Beanbags a big hit’, thank you so much.
Mary Lyons, Macroom

My daughter takes the mini beanbags to bed with her at night.
Moire Corrigan, Carrigaline, Co.  Cork

The beanbag arrived yesterday and my son loves it.  Thanks for excellent service.  Caroline Edge, Ballinteer, Dublin

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  1. We use the large and extra large bean bags in our sensory room. The colours are great, easy to wash and they are safe and comfortable. The children love to get deep pressure using the extra large bean bags.

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