Sensory Beanbag Information

Selection of Sensory Bean Bags

Selection of Sensory BeanBags

Sensory Beanbag Information

Julie manufactures a full range of Sensory Products, this page concentrates specifically on her Sensory Beanbag range of products.

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All of the Sensory Beanbags are made from Fleece as it is hard wearing, machine washable and tactile – its silky soft texture lends well to this particular style/use of beanbag.

Inner Lining

The inner lining has a four way stretch so there is an immediate soft expansion when sinking into the beanbag.  It snugs warmly around your body.  Its high quality durable material so it can take alot of hacking and abuse without ripping.  There is an zip on the lining for top up of beans when needed.

All parts of this beanbag are washable including lining and beads.  Please see instructions in FAQ


Royal blue, purple, bottle green, fire engine  red,

cerice pink, wine, chocolate brown, tan, mid gray, navy

Made in Ireland

All of our sensory products are hand-made in County Cork, Ireland.

Sensory Intergration

Children love the feel and softness of these therapeutic beanbags designed to support their sensory needs.

Each child may be helped in different ways by the same sensory product.

Beanbags can aid with spacial awareness helping a child understand where his body is in space, creating a physical boundary.

Beanbags provide a soft landing place when a child craves movement or has a fear of falling.

These beanbags bring comfort while a child is getting joint compression therapy or having their body brushed.

In a less compact beanbag a child can be wrapped up in one like a hotdog, creating calm and focus. The smooth warm feeling of the fleece aids tactile sensitivity.