Product Information

Don’t be fooled by our name ‘SensoryBeanBags’ – that is not the only thing we do!

SensoryBeanBag Products

This is where Julie started – designing and manufacturing Sensory Beanbags that are of a very high quality, long lasting (after 10 years there has only been 1 return for a very minor defect which was repaired without any fuss) and most importantly, designed and manufactured with the one overriding goal – to give your family a product that will enhance the enjoyment of life of the person receiving the beanbag.  Julie has a large range of beanbags and they (with background information) can be accessed though this link –  Sensory Beanbags.  All of the products are hand-made in Cork, Ireland.

Weighted Products

These are products that we found ourselves being drawn into through contact with therapists who asked for additional products that could be used for the care of people with sensory difficulties.  Julie built on the expertise that she had developed over more than a decade designing and manufacturing Sensory Beanbags and, together with therapists, has developed an equally effective range of weighted products.  You can access further information on Weighted Products and Julie’s range of Weighted Products through this link – Weighted Products.  All of the products are hand-made in Cork, Ireland.