Choosing Fabric Colours

A note on colour for a  sensory beanbag and sensory weighted blanket.

Colour can be very personal but here is a thought on a beanbag and weighted blanket colour.  Having a blanket all one colour can have a calming solid  feeling about it and since these beanbags and weighted blankets last several years its recommended  choosing  something you can live with for a long time and in every season , like the furniture in a home

What’s stimulating to one person is not to the next.  Looking generally at popular prints whilst they can look very bright and happy initially, over the long haul one might get tired of a particular print or it may appear too stimulating at certain time of the year.  Prints appear to have more of a contracting quality if seen too much.  It can be soothing to see to see a print amongst a lot of solid colours.

With these products I am attempting to enhance the expansion quality , the breathing  out, the letting go.  So I am leaning towards one colour for beanbag and blanket for maximum calm and blending in to my environment., e.g how I feel when in nature and what I see there , forrest green, meditarian turquoise, mid sky grey, Fields of  green emerald/forrest, midnight blue / Early dawn  evening sky, even cerice pink and baby pink. 

Reds, orange, pinks , wine  and  tan  are on on the warming side.  Blues, purple, grey, green, brown  tend on  the cooling side.

What would work also is one solid colour for beanbag and one solid  colour for blanket or shades of one colour and colours of animals.

Royal Blue
Bottle Green
Mid Grey
Fire Engine Red
[Looks more vibrant than it looks here]
Cerise Pink
[Looks more vibrant than it looks here]
Lime Green
Chocolate Brown
Rainbow Check
Rainbow Stripe